The Ep(h)emeral Life

Life is ephemeral – Do you agree?

Do you remember all your childhood friends? How many are in touch with you and how many are you in touch with? Do you still relish and relive the happy moments you had, a year ago? Do you still ponder over the lugubrious day you had, a year back? Do you still feel qualmish thinking of the mistake you did? Do you still do your chores with an act of vengeance in your heart? Do you feel thankful to your friends who were there in times of need? Do you still take pride in the timely help you did to an unknown person, years back? Do you act with a sense of penance in everything you do?

If most of the answers to the questions are in the affirmative……….trust me, you are a not-so-great person from my point of view. You must be one among the many persons on planet Earth with super-human abilities and from an anachronistic era! And yeah, you don’t exist!

Life is ep(h)emeral – the things that matter today won’t matter, a year later. Take pride in the things you do every day but don’t regret the things you did the other day. The game of life is neither inveterate nor incorrigible. So, don’t be too rigid. Nah, don’t be rigid at all! Science provided the solution for rigidness to a rock and not you! You are invented to define something beautiful and not for something which is already defined by a rock.

We all have a past. But, it’s the shadow that will define us every sunny day. Undoubtedly, life in the form of ‘you’ will pull yourself down, many a time. Yet, you will always find a way to get back at your feet.

However hard you try and however rigid you are in your policies, you will still be guilty to your moral police – the conscience, at one point or the other. You can never be an omniscient do-gooder and you can neither be a prescient harbinger nor be a nescient fool! But, you can be someone great and noble – A person with a sense of ‘humour’ who takes things lightly, the way it is really meant to be taken.

So, add a bit of humorous touch in whatever you do – Be a Beer or be it your Career!

And if you are still wondering why the ‘h’ in ephemeral is within parenthesis, life is ep(h)emeral. Lead your ep(h)emeral life with a sense of (h)umour. Got the point?


Bangalore! Oh Bangalore!

    Bangalore – I have known this city for around 6 months now and I feel privileged and qualified enough to write this post.

    The climate, the never ending hustle-bustle, the home to India’s largest IT population and the Pub capital of India! Is there anything that Bangalore doesn’t have? No! You can find almost everything in Bangalore. Anything new to India will obviously reach Bangalore before it reaches India’s capital.

    Bangalore (also called as Bengaluru) is a city where people from all walks of life are fluent in at least 3-4 languages. It is probably the only city in India where the indigenous population is less in number. Throw a stone at some random place and you are bound to hit a Software Engineer! It is also the only place where more people know C, C++ and Java than the indigenous language, Kannada! Bangalore is well known for its mad rush but it is also one of the coolest, sweetest and civilized cities in India.

    This mad rush brought forth a mishap that many Bangaloreans fail to notice. Litter,  litter and litter everywhere! This habit of littering has gone too far that people do it out of habit and they couldn’t stop doing it! The pavement is not only used by the pedestrians but it is used by the motorists as well. It’s in fact the  road adjacent to the road or it can also be humorously coined as an unauthorized extension of the road. Yeah, it’s hilarious to hear! Additionally, you can find innumerable potholes in the pavement. So, just keep your eyes open! If you fall into one of those potholes I guarantee that you will go deep inside that you can find yourself touching the  Earth’s mantle! Nah, just kidding! Probably, you will end up in Bellandur lake where you can find yourself frothing along with the froth it already has. I have noticed electric cables hanging around in loose and I had a close encounter with those infinite number of times and I can assure you that those wires won’t harm you as they are free from electricity!  (But, it is a concern for sure). Just remember to use “Kannada gothu ila” (I don’t know Kannada)  whenever you encounter a person who starts bombarding you with Kannada. There is yet another option. Try communicating to the person in Kannada and he will figure out that you literally don’t know Kannada and you are faking it.

    One thing which is really a concern is Eunuchs. Most of them are civilized and won’t bother you but there a few who won’t allow you to move an inch until you pay them. Guys, Beware! You will encounter them when you walk on the road, mostly during the evening and they will block your way and start caressing your face, hands and blah blah blah. A word of advice to the guys- Pay them if you literally have no other option left. The last thing you want to do is to be messing up with them. DON’T EVER DO THAT! If you want to pull out some stunts, do that when you are out as a group. But, remember they are human beings as well! And yet another word of advice, beware of stray dogs!

    There are 2 sides of every coin. Bangalore is the ‘awesomest’ place to hang out and it is also one of the dangerous places to live if you are not cautious! The IT bubble brought in more money which in turn brought many anti-social elements into act. But, apart from all these pros and cons, one thing is for sure- You are bound to fall in love with Bangalore at first sight.

    Bangalore, you taught me a great deal of life lessons in the past year, yet I love you. I will always love you and I will ensure that the year 2016 amplifies my love towards you. Happy New Year!

Steve Jobs – The Man!

     As a starting note, I have never heaped praises on anyone in my 21 years of living. I don’t know the reason yet. There are many personalities who are much greater and nobler than Steve Jobs but none inspired me like this man. He was arrogant, brutal, squeamish, clever and canny and none can deny that he was one of the greatest minds who ever lived. While there have been debates questioning his leadership skills and attitude, I would say in order to be successful, one needs to be brutal and arrogant. He was the one who taught this world that Passion stands above everything else. I dedicate the next paragraph to the people who don’t know his life-story yet. Others, kindly bear with me.

     He was adopted; He was a dropout; He was a hippie; His garage was his first workplace; He was fired from his own company; He was on drugs (LSD) in his teenage; He made his girlfriend pregnant and refused to claim fatherhood to his baby for long; He was ill-mannered; He was ruthless; He was short tempered.

   Now,how many would believe that he went on to become the most successful CEO who ever lived? All along our life, we were taught to be humble, compassionate towards all human beings, follow all the moral values, be good, do good, learn good and blah blah blah. Do you think being good, being compassionate and blah blah will matter if we don’t do something noteworthy? Being humane is one thing, being a humane human with shitloads of money is another thing. What is the point in being ‘ just humane’? Were you born only to follow all the values that some person in the six million years of human race predefined? Seriously?  You reciprocate what you get; You always don’t get what you reciprocate.

     Before someone interprets this post in the wrong way, let me narrate some more facts about him.

     He was a Bob Dylan fan. He had a sense of humor unparalleled to many. His idols were Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart etc.

    He was clever. He was a billionaire philanthropist. He was a perfectionist( Some say that he suffered from OCD). He followed his passion. He knew how to connect the dots in the end. He never gave up. (Even at the time when he was battling pancreatic cancer.). He was behind one of the most iconic products the world has ever seen – Apple.

    I have shown to you the three parts of his life. In the end neither his arrogance nor did his traits mattered. He was born not so rich ; He lived his life as a billionaire and he died as a billionaire.  And the entire world cried when he died. If you disagree with me, watch the documentary Steve Jobs – The Man in the Machine. In the end of the first 10 minutes of the documentary, I guarantee that you would be left misty eyed.

     As a closing note, I never own any Apple products as am not rich enough to afford those. So, am not one of those crazy super-rich Apple maniacs heaping praise on Steve Jobs. I know his story and this was enough to get me going.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

-Steve Jobs (Think Different Ad – 1997)

     The link to the Think Different Ad: Think Different ( I couldn’t get my hands on the Original one.)

     If you are a Steve Jobs fan or if you want to learn more about him, trust me you gotta watch Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement address. For a more detailed insight, study his biography by Walter Isaacson.

     Remember, its the misfits who succeed. Its the innocent kid who gets bullied by others for his crazy thoughts succeed. Its the people who ‘Think Different’ succeed. STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH!

The everlasting Pursuit of Happiness!

Age 1-5 What is Happiness?

Happiness is lingering on to our mother’s lap with perfunctory thoughts on the road ahead.

Age 5-15 What is Happiness?

Happiness is watching our favorite cartoons in TV.

Age 15-20 What is Happiness?

Happiness is being adept in our own world of thoughts.

Age 20-25 What is Happiness?

Happiness is learning to survive on our own.

Age 25-30 What is Happiness?

Happiness is moving on with the intricacies of the Past and expectations of the Future.

Age 30-35 What is Happiness?

Happiness is having a family of our own.

Age 35-40 What is Happiness?

Happiness is watching our kids grow.

Age 40-50 What is Happiness?

Happiness is teaching our kids to survive and reminiscing about our Golden childhood days.

Age 50 – 60 What is Happiness?

Happiness is watching our favorite cartoons in TV along with our grandchildren.

Age 60-70 What is Happiness?

Happiness is learning to survive.

Age 70 – Infinite What is Happiness?

Happiness is yearning to linger on to our mother’s lap.

What is Happiness?

It is about understanding what Happiness really means!

Redefining Murphy’s Law

    Anything that can go wrong will go wrong – Murphy’s Law. The irony, Murphy was an optimist! Murphy’s law became the buzz word quite after the release of the movie Interstellar where the lead role (Matthew McConaughey) names his daughter (Mackenzie Foy) Murph. Infact, I started my study on Murphy’s law only after the movie and I found it quite funny, yet attractive. For those of you not aware about Murphy’s law, you can either go through Wikipedia or have look at this. Now, why did this law provoke me to write?

    It actually makes much sense for me to write about it at this juncture. Time and again,my instinct warns me if some mishap awaits me in the future. I had never known the intensity of the mishap but the mishap usually sets forth a series of unpredictable events. My instinct never makes me happy if something good is about to happen (and am still wondering why!) If I don’t follow my instinct and keep doing my routine, I have always ended in a pit. I have never been at the pinnacle if I followed my instinct (Not yet, atleast) but If I don’t follow it, I have been at stages, nadir being the worse.

    Have you guys had phantasmagorical dreams or had ‘Deja-Vu’ moments time to time? You might have had at least one ‘Deja-Vu’ moment to experience and have you really wondered whether it is a premonition or had it really happened earlier? Have you thought about whether your Deja-Vu is really a Deja-Vu or is it your past memory popping up at the right time? Confusing?

    The human brain is capable of doing much more than what it is doing today. Murphy’s law says that Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. But,what if we are able to rekindle that ‘super memory‘ of ours and be able to change this quote to  Anything that can go wrong will not go wrong because I can alter it. Am I acting like a cheeky monkey to Murphy? Seriously? I guess not.

At this point,am forced to introduce a quote from ‘The Alchemist’ which says:

If you really want something,the Universe itself conspires to help you achieve it.

    What if we follow our instinct as and when it warns us and act accordingly? Usually,I will listen to my instinct and be puzzled about why my inner self is saying such things but I have never acted to rectify it.

    Your instinct knows you better than anyone else. Of course,you and your instinct are not two different things. Rephrasing the above, You know yourself better than anyone else. Follow your instinct. But, remember just like Science our instinct is also a double edged sword.  Your instinct may tell you to act either ways. After all, As per Hindu mythology we are living in ‘Kali Yuga’ where the evil lies within oneself.


Anything that can go wrong will not go wrong as you can alter it.

    By this quote of mine, I have officially declared war on Murphy but since he is long gone, I can rest in peace.

    You need not be a stooge to this quote of mine, but start thinking What if? rather than What if not?

    Guess this blog post would serve as a great example to the headline of this blog Abstract Thoughts From An Obscure Mind. Be ready to experience a few of this philosophical melodrama in the future posts too 😉 Adieu!

The Start Of A New Journey

Hello All,

    This is my first post (Not my first blog though!). A hearty welcome to all my blog readers.

   This blog is the start of a new quest with the ultimate intention to redefine my efficacy as well as your efficacy (If I may) to lead a successful life. Initially, each one of us used to be ‘gung-ho’ in all that we do but time and again life has taught us lessons in ways unimaginable thereby making most of us wacky, byzantine and sometimes even supercilious. A few become enervated. Yet a few,leave this world permanently thinking that they are leaving for the better. While there is nothing we can do for the latter few, time and again it has been proved that ‘Achievements are revised versions of Failures‘.

    Now,Who am I? I am an IT Professional (Its appropriate to call me a Rookie rather than a Professional, as I have less than a year of experience) playing a small role in the kafkaesque IT bubble. Am an Indian and am extremely proud of it! One thing that no other person can deny about India is its diversity- India is a land rich in diversity and this IT bubble makes sure that you meet a lot many persons in life – Some make you happy, Some others make you happy by instigating you to punch them, Yet a few make you happy by instigating you to punch them straight in their face!  I spend most of my time wondering about the many different complexities surrounding this world. I used to be an extrovert. But, due to some recent developments in what used to be my normal life, I guess being an introvert is wise. (Or should I say it the other way around?)  Its up to you, my fellow readers to decide what’s right for you.

    Everyone has to start somewhere and here I stand, 21 years of age charged up more than ever due to various intricacies of the past. Life is a continuous learning process. There are a lot of lessons yet to be learned and am ready to embrace it all just like a little baby who cuddles his little Teddie.

    Be ready to embrace all things that is gonna happen in your long life.Yeah, life is not short. Life is long and we should be happy about it. If you want me to sound optimistic,’Everything happens for a reason‘ or if you want me to be pious, everything is ‘pre-written’. Else,If you want me to be sanctimonious, ‘ He who possess the Spear of Destiny holds the fate of the world in his hands‘. (Honestly,It gives me chills every time I utter this sentence. Additionally, It makes me wonder what if I happen to get hold of the Spear of Destiny! ** Evil Laughter ** ).

    Let happiness fill your life more than ever. If you happen to feel worried, just come back and look at this post again.

    Before I sign off,let me tell you something about Abraham Lincoln ( Not the Vampire Hunter whom we have seen in movies! Sarcasm intended.) – The 16th President of the United States of America.

1816: His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them.
1831: Failed in business.
1832: Ran for state legislature – lost.
1832: Also lost his job – wanted to go to law school but couldn’t get in.
1833: Borrowed some money from a friend to start a business and by the end of the year he was bankrupt. He spent the next 17 years of his life paying off this debt.
1835: Was engaged to be married, his sweetheart died.
1838: Sought to become speaker of the state legislature – defeated.
1840: Sought to become elector – defeated.
1843: Ran for Congress – lost.
1848: Ran for re-election to Congress – lost.
1849: Sought the job of land officer in his home state – rejected.
1854: Ran for the Senate of the United States – lost.
1856: Sought the Vice-Presidential nomination at his party’s national convention – got less than 100 votes.
1858: Ran for U.S. Senate again – lost.

    And then, he became The President of the United States of America. Additionally we all know that he was the son of a shoemaker. Everyone must be aware on how the society treated shoemakers in the 18th century. To him Defeat was a Detour. Not a Dead End.

    Be happy as happiness is one of the recipes for success. If you are not happy,make yourself happy. Party hard. Learn indefinitely. After all, ‘You Only Live Once’ and it lies in your efficacy to make the best out of it. Cheers 🙂