A sudden beam of light overcame the sea of darkness
Gushing forth the sea, a loud cry echoed from the mother’s womb.

She was 5 when she felt the droplets of water spluttering through her teeny-weeny head. It was Rain!
She looked high above.
Her eyes although debilitated, dilated!
Drenched in the miracle of the Infinite and mumbling her own Mumbo-Jumbo,
She barely uttered….
I will touch the Sky someday.

She entered her 15th year.
Through her narrow sea of reality
She began to realize the infinity of the Universe.
Yet, the finity in her outshined the infinity the Universe faced.

She turned 18.
She could feel her confidence rebounding back and forth.
Yet, she stood her ground.
She knew that she will not fade away into the sea of darkness yet again.
She knew that she will conquer the Universe.

Light and Woman


She was 25.
Conquering the Universe became a child’s talk.
Yet, she held tight.
Her fists – sweaty with anxiety
She held tight.

Where are you now? Where are you now?
She started calling out to her nascent self.
Was it all just a fantasy?
So lost. I am faded…

Gushing through the gradually spreading darkness, the light entered its realm again.
She survived.
The bright light gushed forth the sea of darkness everytime it started fading.
In her own way, she conquered the Universe!

The Dream that I dream of!

The Dream that I dream of!

I dream of a Dream where dreams turn into Reality;
Where the never ending hustle-bustle within me dies down at peace
My Heart and Mind co-existing with one another affecting neither,
Yet supplementing one another!

Right said my Heart, Left said my Mind;
Reality stood right in front, staring at me.
I stood at a standstill witnessing the roles it played
Waiting for my moment patiently yet with anxiety.
Moments went forth,
While I stood still trying to unfold the intricacies it put forth.

Time flew like a storm.
And one fine day, when I began to realise that
It is Reality which brought me up here
My Dream was long gone.
Leaving me yearning for the perfect dream
Where Dreams turn into Reality.

The Dream that I will always dream of!