The Dream that I dream of!

The Dream that I dream of!

I dream of a Dream where dreams turn into Reality;
Where the never ending hustle-bustle within me dies down at peace
My Heart and Mind co-existing with one another affecting neither,
Yet supplementing one another!

Right said my Heart, Left said my Mind;
Reality stood right in front, staring at me.
I stood at a standstill witnessing the roles it played
Waiting for my moment patiently yet with anxiety.
Moments went forth,
While I stood still trying to unfold the intricacies it put forth.

Time flew like a storm.
And one fine day, when I began to realise that
It is Reality which brought me up here
My Dream was long gone.
Leaving me yearning for the perfect dream
Where Dreams turn into Reality.

The Dream that I will always dream of!

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